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About me

Engineer & Pilot

Moin, I’m Sophie, a passionate individual with a wide array of interests and skills. In my professional life, I wear two hats as a Team Lead in Operations and Compliance and a Senior DevOps Engineer at SAP. My daily responsibilities involve managing a crucial data lake that plays a central role in various compliance and certification initiatives such as PCI DSS, SOC/C5, KRITIS. Additionally, I work to enhance observability, security, and overall business processes.

Before my journey into the world of bit, bytes and aviation, I graduated from a vocational training program as an automotive technician at Mercedes-Benz. This experience instilled in me a strong foundation of technical skills and an unyielding commitment to excellence.

However, beyond the confines of corporate duties, you’ll often find me soaring through the skies over Europe. Whether I’m exploring new destinations or taking skydivers on unforgettable journeys, aviation is where I find a sense of joy and fulfillment.

So, as you’ve landed in my virtual sky. Let’s explore the horizon!